Who Won The Popular Vote In 2012? | HuffPost

Nov 7, 2012 Presidential elections are decided by the Electoral College, not by popular vote. Barack Obama earned the necessary amount of Electoral 

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2008 Presidential Popular Vote Summary - FEC

Jan 5, 2008 Percentage of Voting Age Population casting a vote for President: 58.23% 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORAL AND POPULAR VOTE.

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The Final 2012 Presidential Election Results Aren't Close | Thomas

Jan 4, 2013 The final, final results from the 2012 presidential election are now in. Obama got 51.1 percent of the popular vote to Mitt Romney's 47.2 

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United States presidential election in Texas, 2012 - Wikipedia

The 2012 United States presidential election in Texas took place on November 6, 2012 as part of the 2012 General Election in which all 50 states plus The 

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What the Catholic vote tells us about presidential elections - The

February 11, 2013 That's the third straight election where the Catholic vote has been a near-carbon copy of the overall vote. vote by two points (and the popular vote by .5 percent) but lost the presidency to Bush in the electoral college.

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Election Results - 2012 Election Center - Elections & Politics from

Exit Polls: National President. (26565 respondents). See All President Exit Polls ». Obama. Romney. Other/No Answer. N/A. Vote by Gender. Men: 47%. 45%.

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2012 Presidential Race - Election Results by State | NBC News

For complete and up-to-date results and coverage of Presidential elections from all 50 states, visit Decision 2012 from NBC News. Popular vote 99% in.

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President Map - Election 2012 - NYTimes.com - The New York Times

Updated Nov. 29. 332 Obama. 0 undecided. 206 Romney. 270 to win. 62,611,250 votes. 59,134,475 votes. States. States. Counties. Size of lead. Shift from 2008.

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Republicans want to change laws on Electoral College votes, after

Jan 19, 2013 Published January 19, 2013 Obama won the popular vote with 65.9 million votes, or 51.1 percent, to Romney's 60.9 million, or 47.2 percent, and won the Electoral Each state has the authority to shape its own election law.

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18 states have voted Democratic in six consecutive elections with

Nov 10, 2013 Chris Christie has ignited talk about Christie's 2016 presidential prospects. George Will on Sunday, November 10th, 2013 in comments on Fox's. the popular vote in five of the last six presidential contests," Sabato said.

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Presidential Election History from 1789 to 2008 - 2008 Election

Nov 1, 2010 The presidential candidates and their political parties, number of electoral and popular votes received, and vice presidential candidates for 

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Fourth Edition — First Printing (February 15, 2013). ISBN-13: 978-0-9790107-3- Every Vote Is Equal. 51. 1.3 Nationwide Popular Election as a Remedy for the.

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Final Tally Shows Obama First Since '56 to Win 51% Twice

Jan 4, 2013 Barack Obama is the first president in more than five decades to win at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice, according to a revised vote count in New York eight weeks after the January 4, 2013, 1:09 PM PST.

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