The California Senate passed a bill in late May that would require gun owners to pay a $50 fee simply for the right to buy ammunition – a free that will be used to .

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California’s attempt at circumventing a key piece of President Donald Trump’s tax plan cleared its first major hurdle Tuesday, when the state Senate approved .

The California state senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not. They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun .

Lawmakers passed a bill to disarm teachers and staff who are currently allowed to carry guns for self-defense in California school districts.

On November 20 Gun-controlled Chicago surpassed 600 homicides in a calendar year for only the second year since 2003.

A national gun-carry reciprocity bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

New York Faces Problems with SAFE Act Gun Owner Database as Deadline to Recertify Passes 'It will be 9-12 months before they can have assurances that they have their .

A bill that would give judges the power to order gun confiscation without due process has passed Oregon’s legislature and is expected to be signed by the governor .

Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. State laws (and the laws of Washington, D.C. and the U.S. territories .

Official website for California State Senator Anthony Portantino, representing Senate District 25.