Obama Gives Feds Half-Day Off on Christmas Eve Pay & Benefits

11 Dec 2015 Obama gave federal employees a half day off on Christmas Eve in 2009, when Christmas fell on a Friday, but did not give any time off in 2010 or 2011. The president did not But he did give them Christmas Eve off to create a four-day weekend in 2012, when Christmas was on a Tuesday. Some feds may 
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Obama makes Dec 26 a holiday The Washington Post

5 Dec 2014 President Obama, a.k.a. the boss-in-chief, decided to give federal employees a holiday present a little early. He issued an executive order Friday giving them the day after Christmas off. “All executive branch departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall be closed and their employees excused 
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Will President Obama give feds a Christmas present on Dec 26

29 Oct 2014 The weather feels like spring and it's not even Halloween, but Christmas is on the minds of 35,000 federal workers and counting who have signed an online petition to get 24, 2012 and a half-day off on Thursday, Dec. The president gave federal workers a half-day off on Christmas Eve when Dec.
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Obama Executive Order Gives Christmas Eve Half Day to Federal

14 Dec 2015 President Obama signed an executive order on Friday granting federal workers a half-day off on Christmas Eve.
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Obama makes Dec 26 a holiday for fed workers TheHill

6 Dec 2014 Half-day and full-day holidays are comment before and after Christmas in the federal government. Employees had the day before Christmas off in 2012, when Christmas was on a Tuesday. But the days surrounding Christmas had full work hours last year, when it was a Wednesday. Tags Christmas.
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Federal workers raking in millions in bonuses, new database shows

16 May 2012 A new in-depth database of federal worker salaries shows the government paid out a whopping $105 billion in salaries last year for most of its civilian workforce- to boot, the workers got $439 Published May 16, 2012 The trove covers about 70 percent of federal workers, with some eye-opening results.
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Will Federal Employees Receive an Extra Day Off at Christmas

13 Dec 2016 Prior to President Bush's action, 1957 was the last year in which workers got extra time off when Christmas fell on a Wednesday. In 2012, the president suddenly announced an extra federal holiday (a Monday) for the federal workforce on December 21st. In 2012, Christmas was on a Tuesday. Perhaps it 
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About That Christmas Eve Holiday : FedSmith

23 Dec 2013 In 2012, President Obama gave federal workers an extra day off on Christmas Eve. That decision came after a petition that received about 28,000 signatures on the White House's website asked the president for the extra vacation. A similar petition this year had less than 5000 signatures so, perhaps, most 
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Merry Christmas to Federal Employees: Extra Paid Holiday

6 Dec 2014 Perhaps federal employees can credit the internet for more generous time off. Perhaps it was a coincidence but the extra day off for Christmas in 2012 was announced after a petition on the White House website asked the president for an extra day of vacation and the petition exceeded the minimum 
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Federal Workers: Do You Want an Extra Day Off for Christmas?

5 Dec 2015 Two petitions have been launched on the White House's “We the People” website, each calling for President Obama to grant Thursday, December 24th as a federal holiday. Christmas is on Friday this year, which is already a federal holiday; however, federal workers want to be granted Christmas Eve off as 
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4-Day Holiday Weekend for Federal Employees at Christmas

5 Dec 2014 Federal employees will be delighted to receive a Christmas present, of sorts. President Obama has signed an executive order Friday giving federal employees the day after Christmas off. 67% of FedSmith readers had predicted that the president would take this action in a recent survey and, as it turns out, 
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Newt Gingrich says no federal official is allowed to say "Merry

21 Dec 2011 Newt Gingrich says the nation's obsession with being politically correct has come to this: Federal officials aren't allowed to say "Merry Christmas." On the campaign trail, Gingrich has offered strong criticism of efforts to keep religion out of public places and said he would hold judges to account if they rule in 
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Presidents rarely offer feds day off for New Year's Eve WTOP

22 Dec 2012 WASHINGTON – Many federal workers want to know: now that President Obama has issued an executive order giving most executive branch employees off Monday for Christmas Eve, will he also grant them the day off on New Year's Eve? There's no word from the White House yet, but it's not very often 
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