Residents can claim deductions/credits on their New Jersey Income Tax returns for the property taxes they have paid. However, they can take these deductions/credits .

NJ Form NJ-1040NR 2017. New Jersey Non-Resident Income Tax Return. Form NJ-1040NR is the form all New Jersey nonresidents need to file to their New Jersey tax returns.

Printable New Jersey Income Tax Form NJ-1040. Form NJ-1040 is the general income tax return for New Jersey residents. NJ-1040 can be eFiled using NJWebFile, or a .

Prepare And E-file Your New Jersey Income Tax Return Online Together With A Federal Income Tax Return. Find NJ State Forms, Filing Deadlines, And Information.

The New Jersey income tax has six tax brackets, with a maximum marginal income tax of 8.97% as of 2018. Detailed New Jersey state income tax rates and brackets are .

Download or print the 2017 New Jersey Form NJ-W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) for FREE from the New Jersey Division of Revenue.

Connecticut Tax Forms 2017 Printable State CT-1040 Tax Form and Instructions. Printable Connecticut (CT) state income tax form CT-1040 must be postmarked by April 17 .

2017 Instructions for Schedule H (Form 1040) Household Employment Taxes (2017)

Download or print the 2017 Alabama Form 40 (Alabama Individual Income Tax Return) for FREE from the Alabama Department of Revenue.