Zelda producer hints at more open-world games to come - Polygon

Apr 4, 2017 Zelda producer hints at more open-world games to come Nintendo's found major commercial and critical success with Breath of the Wild, 

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What open-world games on PC need to learn from The Legend of

Mar 10, 2017 What that demo couldn't have told him is that Nintendo, a company Nintendo's take on open-world games is setting a standard the rest of the 

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Open world - Wikipedia

Open world, free roam, or (more loosely) sandbox are terms for video games where a player. Nintendo's Super Mario 64 (1996) was considered revolutionary for its 3D open-ended free-roaming worlds, which had rarely been seen in 3D 

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Fallout 3 Creator On The Future Of RPGs, Open-World Games, And

Feb 23, 2017 Before the induction at DICE in Las Vegas this week, we caught up with the developer to discuss his history with open-world games, Nintendo's 

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Anyone else SICK of open world games? - Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic "Why doesn't Nintendo make more open-world games?"

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BotW "Ruined" Open World Games for Me - Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "BotW "Ruined" Open World Games for Me".

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Top 5 Open World Switch Games We Want!! - YouTube

Apr 6, 2017 Switch Games - Top Open World Games!! After a we are ready for some new games and here is our list of the Top 5 Nintendo Switch Open W

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Nintendo Switch UPDATE - NX gets open-world games boost, as

Dec 25, 2016 NINTENDO Switch news reports suggests that open-world games will be top of Nintendo's agenda, although there's one feature that might not 

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ALL The Nintendo Switch Games Coming In 2017 and Beyond

Apr 19, 2017 Here are the 10 Nintendo Switch games I'm looking forward to most. Plus it's reported so “open world” that you can skip everything and go 

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The 10 best open-world games | GamesRadar+

Mar 28, 2017 Looking for a game that lets you go anywhere and do anything. Check out our list of the best open-world games you can play right now.

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Nintendo Says Future Zelda Games Will Likely Be Open-World | Den

Apr 6, 2017 Breath of the Wild may just be the first of many open-world Zelda titles.

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Roam free: A history of open-world gaming | Ars Technica

Mar 25, 2017 Open-world video games bear the impossible promise—offering. to modern open worlds, Nintendo's 1986 action-RPG The Legend of Zelda 

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Top 8 MASSIVE Upcoming Open World Games Of 2017 - Fraghero

These upcoming open world games are going to re define the genre and Nintendo are clearly putting a lot of time, effort an dedication to the game and the 

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