Understanding Employment Taxes

Dec 14, 2016 Employers must deposit and report employment taxes. You are required to begin withholding Additional Medicare Tax in the pay period in 

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Questions and Answers for the Additional Medicare Tax

Dec 6, 2016 The Additional Medicare Tax applies to wages, railroad retirement (RRTA) compensation, and self-employment income over certain thresholds.

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Employers' Responsibility for FICA Payroll Taxes - BizFilings

Articles on keeping a business compliant with payroll tax requirements. You do not begin withholding the Medicare surtax until the pay period in which you 

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How Do I Calculate Payroll Taxes? [Update] - SurePayroll

To calculate the payroll tax, the employer must know the current taxrates. The Social Security tax rate for employees in 2016 is 6.2%, and the Medicare tax rate is 

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Medicare Payroll Tax Goes Up by .9% for High Income Earners

As part of the health care reform legislation passed under the Affordable Care Act, the employee portion of the FICA Medicare payroll tax rate for high income 

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2017 Payroll Taxes Will Hit Higher Incomes

Oct 19, 2016 Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes are collected together as the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax. FICA tax rates are 

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Payroll Taxes: Basic Information for All Employers - The Balance

May 24, 2017 The law requires that payroll taxes must be withheld from an employee's Additional Medicare tax withholding (0.9 percent) for employees 

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Payroll tax - Wikipedia

Federal social insurance taxes are imposed on from the employee's pay) of all wages for Medicare.

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Payroll Tax Calculator -Social Security and Medicare Contributions

The FICA (for Federal Insurance Contributions Act) tax (also known as Payroll Tax or Self-Employment Tax, depending on your employment status) is your 

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Payroll Taxes, Costs & Benefits Paid by Employers | AccountingCoach

Payroll Withholdings: Taxes & Benefits Paid by Employees, Net Pay As a result, Medicare tax is both an employee withholding and an employer expense.

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Social Security and Medicare: How are Payroll Taxes Calculated

Apr 20, 2017 Some big amounts that come out of our paychecks are for Social Security and Medicare taxes. How are they calculated? Read on for a 

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Policy Basics: Federal Payroll Taxes | Center on Budget and Policy

Mar 23, 2016 The federal government levies payroll taxes on wages and self-employment income Main Payroll Taxes Fund Social Security and Medicare.

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2017 U.S. Payroll Tax: What You Need to Know -- The Motley Fool

Apr 12, 2017 The basic idea is that the payroll tax requires the current generation of workers to fund the Social Security and Medicare programs for current 

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