Xen mouse pointer appears in the wrong position in VNC console

Jun 5, 2009 The amount of offset appears to vary as the mouse is moved around the display and can often result in parts of the desktop being unreachable 

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Mouse pointer position · Issue #131 · novnc/noVNC · GitHub

Feb 22, 2012 For kanaka, I think it's better if noVNC doesn't send every mouse pointer position in every mousemove event because this event is very frequent 

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windows 7 - Why is my VNC cursor just a dot? - Super User

Oct 15, 2010 In VNC Viewer connection options, under mouse and keyboard TightVNC has an option to change the local cursor shape to an arrow from 

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TightVNC: What's New in TightVNC

Java Viewer: Added support for Local Mouse Cursor Shapes: dot cursor (default), small dot.. Win32 server: Fixed a problem with one-pixel mouse offset.

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TightVNC: Manual Page for vncviewer(1)

-viewonly: Disable transfer of mouse and keyboard events from the client to the server. This option also disables the dot cursor, and disables cursor position 

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#2306 (where mouse is drawn on guest does not match mouse

With *some* guest screen resolutions (not all) the mouse seems to be drawn in the wrong. I apparently run into the same problem of mouse pointer offset.

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There is a discrepancy between local and remote veency cursor

Hi all! With last update of veency I have had a discrepancy between local and remote cursor. When the remote cursor is in the lower right corner 

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[Qemu-devel] Mouse cursor position is un-matched when I use

Jul 18, 2011 When I move the mouse slowly, the mouse cursor in QEMU moves slower than it (uint8_t *)run + run->io.data_offset, run->io.direction, run->io.size, client to connect WinXP (with TightVNC server) installed in VirtualBox.

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How to sync mouse pointer correctly in screen sharing when

Jun 29, 2014 In the Screen Sharing app, go to the View menu and click "Customize Toolbar" There's a button you can add to the toolbar called "Cursor" that 

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Lubuntu 14.04 + TightVNC: remote mouse cursor is "X" - Ask Ubuntu

Mar 30, 2015 After researching into each command used in my xstartup file and the options available, I found the solution to be adding the following 

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