7 Cups: Online Therapy & Free Counseling (Confidential)

stress, depression help, or you just need to vent about your problems, we have an active listener or therapist waiting for you to vent to via anonymous chat.

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I Need to Vent to Someone! | 7 Cups of Tea

Vent to Someone Anonymously on 7 Cups! Living in a fast-paced society where people rush from one activity to the next can make it hard to find a listening ear.

Follow the link here: www.7cups.com

BlahTherapy - Talk Therapy Online and Counseling Services.

Need someone to talk to? Build your self-confidence by venting to non-judgmental individuals. Anonymity Anonymous Venting/Listening - No signup required.

Follow the link here: blahtherapy.com

24+ Sites Where You Can Vent Your Anger - Mashable

Mar 8, 2008 The world wide web offers its own set of places where you can vent your Boredat - This is a platform to post your thoughts anonymously.

Follow the link here: mashable.com

D-Rant.com: Vent Online Anonymously

I feel so alone even though I have so much support · MrGrandslammer77 2 days ago in Life 0 Comments. 1. This is necessary… 6plant6doctor6 2 days ago in 

Follow the link here: d-rant.com

Vent - Express yourself freely - Android Apps on Google Play

Vent is like a social diary, a place for you to express how you REALLY feel. Vent helps you connect to a fun, uplifting, positive, and understanding community, 

Follow the link here: play.google.com

Feel Like Venting to a Complete Stranger? Try BlahTherapy.com

May 2, 2010 BLAH Therapy's premise is simple — it's a chat website designed to let you twist that proverbial soda bottle lid anonymously and seek a 

Follow the link here: psychcentral.com

I Spilled My Guts to Strangers on Free Internet-Therapy Sites - Elle

Mar 17, 2014 Like Talktala, MTC features free forums where users can vent about their I'm eager to try the anonymous venting thing, because spilling my 

Follow the link here: www.elle.com

Vent - Express your feelings with people who care.

Vent helps you connect to a supportive, positive, and understanding community, making it easy to share your feelings with people around the world. Free on 

Follow the link here: www.vent.co

Vent - Express your feelings on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

Oct 10, 2017 Express how you REALLY feel. Vent helps you connect to a supportive, positive, and understanding community, making it easy to share your 

Follow the link here: itunes.apple.com

Vent Letters | Vent Anonymously

Dear Beautiful People,. Within the first hours of daylight, I've seen that you're graduating, getting married, going on vacations, and traveling the world. I see you 

Follow the link here: www.ventletters.com

The New Secret-Spilling App “Vent” Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Oct 10, 2014 There is a new iOS app called Vent devoted to letting people complain Like Whisper and Secret, you can post anonymously, though the app 

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How Online Venting Can Cost You | Nerds On Call

Be anonymous – You can vent your anger or frustration on the site called Muttr. You can read peer comments, which you can choose to read or ignore.

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