OPNET Simulation Of A Multi-hop Self-organizing CiteSeerX

OPNET Simulation Of A Multi-hop Self-organizing. Wireless Sensor Network. Yan Huang, Jian Huang, Lance Hester, Anthony Allen, Oleg Andric, Priscilla Chen, Bob O'Dea. Florida Communication Research Labs, Motorola Labs. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322. E-mail: {eyh004, ejh022, elh011, eaa003, foa002, epc016, 
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Design and Simulation of Wireless Sensor Network Topologies

The end-to-end delay and traffic received by the destination. Index Terms –Wireless Sensor Networks, ZigBee, RIVERBED. (OPNET), Wireless Network Topologies, Performance Analysis. 1. INTRODUCTION. A wireless sensor network is a network structure created by sensor nodes that collect data from the environment in 
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A Comprehensive Performance Study of OPNET IEEE Xplore

Abstract OPNET has been widely used as a network simulator, but not much emphasis has been given on the performance of this simulator for ZigBee wireless sensor networks (WSN). Simulation of WSNs is a challenging task due to the nature of hardware design, energy limitations, and deployment of a vast number of 
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OPNET-based modeling and simulation of mobile Zigbee sensor

And evaluate the performance of wireless sensor networks. (WSNs) within specific applications. In order to resolve the issue of the restriction on node mobility in existing Zig- bee WSN simulation models, this paper proposes a Zigbee compliant new simulation model using the OPNET simu- lator. Based on the Zigbee MAC 
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Wireless Sensor Networks Tutorial University of California, Santa

1-3. Main Goals. ❒ Overview of wireless sensor networks. ❍ What are sensor networks? ❍ Unique characteristics/challenges, etc. ❒ State-of-the-art in sensor networks research.
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A Scalable Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks Scientific

Its split-programming model and object-oriented architec- ture make it extensible, but not so scalable. OPNET [2] is another discrete event driven general- purpose network simulator. OPNET is featured by its. GUI-based modeler, which provides an intuitive way to customize modules, like different sensor-specific hard-.
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ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Networks and Their Use in Medical

Based on the Opnet-ZB simulation model, we construct two types of WPANs and explore the feasibility of the WPANs deployment in two scenarios. Index Terms—Wireless sensor networks, ZigBee, Medical and. Health Care. I. INTRODUCTION. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are an emerging technol- ogy that possesses 
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Zigbee Routing Opnet Simulation for a Wireless Sensors Network

Abstract—Wireless sensor network are nowadays considered as a viable solution for medical application . A zigbee network model is more suitable for battery capacity, bandwidth, and computing limitation for WSN. This paper will present an Opnet simulation of a zigbee network performance in order to compare routing 
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Simulation and Modeling for Centroid Algorithm Using OPNET in

Abstract. Location information of sensor node is necessary for many wireless sensor networks' applications. Simulation is a major method to analyze the performance of the location algorithm. This paper introduces the detailed process of modeling system using OPNET Modeler which is a software tool for network simulation 
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Simplified OPNET node model for developing load Telfor 2009

Simplified OPNET node model for developing load balanced routing protocol in WSN. Karl Benkic, Member, IEEE, Marko Malajner, Uroš Pešovic, Žarko ˇCucej, Member, IEEE,. Abstract—Routing protocol development and evaluation is still very interesting research topic in wireless sensor networks. (WSN). There are two 
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Opnet Simulator Tutorial Opnet Simulator Tutorial PDF

Opnet Simulation Tutorial on Wireless Sensor Network: Sensor networks are dense wireless networks of small, low-cost sensors, which collect and disseminate environmental data. Wireless sensor networks facilitate monitoring and controlling of physical environments from remote locations with better accuracy. Research 
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Performance evaluation of underwater wireless sensor networks

I.6.5 [Simulation and Modeling]: Model Development. General Terms. Algorithms, Measurement, Performance, Design. Keywords. Underwater acoustics, Acoustic channel model, Wireless sensor networks, Network simulation, OPNET, MATLAB. 1. INTRODUCTION. Terrestrial Wireless Sensor Networks (TWSN) have been.
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Evaluating the Power Consumption of Wireless Sensor Network

13 Mar 2013 Abstract: Power consumption is the main concern in developing Wireless Sensor Network. (WSN) applications. Consequently, several strategies have been proposed for investigating the power respective state. NS-2 [34] and OPNET [35] are well-known simulators that may be used to evaluate.
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