2018 IRS Tax Refund Processing Schedule and Direct Deposit Cycle Chart for 2017 Return Filings. 8,356 comments

When Will I Get My Tax Refund ahd Why is my State e-file Still Pending? IRS Tax eFile Refund Cycle and Direct Deposit Schedule for 2016-2017 Tax Season

Updated 2018. This IRS tax refund schedule shows when you will receive your federal tax refund for direct deposits or checks. Covers 2017 tax year. Use this table to .

Find the answer to exactly how long it takes to get a tax refund back from the IRS. Knowing how long a refund takes will help you plan your finances.

Update 2018: The IRS announced tax refund delays for early tax filers due to changes in federal law, computer system upgrades, & tax fraud prevention. Delays for tax .

Received turbo tax acceptance email for federal taxes on jan. 28, 2013. Where's my refund only says received. Will I still get refund direct deposited by feb. 5?

Find out information on the 2017 tax delay for 2016 year tax refunds. How long is the tax delay? When will the IRS process tax refunds?

Find out when you should receive your 2012 New York state tax refund. Are you still waiting on a tax refund from New York state? You can check the status of your .

If you are expecting a refund back because your tax return was accepted by the internal revenue services how long does it actually take to get your refund approval date?

Get updates on IRS Where's My Refund status, 2018 Tax Refunds, first day to file taxes, deposit dates, error codes with others still waiting on tax refunds.

IRS tax refund status can be; 1. Return Received, 2. Refund Approved or 3. Refund Sent. Return received does not mean the IRS has accepted your tax return.