A sense of immediacy: Although Twain's narrative is couched in the past tense, we sense that whatever is going on is happening in the very recent past or even now, as .

. think about the merits of each tense. The present tense, for example, . if you switch the tense of your narrative . for example, is a paragraph from .

While the present tense is not common in fiction, some writing uses present tense as a matter of course— Scripts and plays. A synopsis. Essays that use the literary present tense (When writing about the events of a story: Alex then demands a declaration from Stella, but she refuses to humor him.

Use the present tense to tell this joke. Select the verb from the menu that best completes the sentence. Check your responses to the answers by clicking the "check button" to the right.

KEEPING TENSES CONSISTENT IN PARAGRAPH . Once you begin a paragraph in one tense, . paragraph using both past and present tense in the same way the paragraph

Past vs. perfect in present-tense narrative. . be recounted in the past perfect or in the past tense? For example: . of the past perfect tense in the paragraph?-1.

Narrative Tense. Forums alt.english . on the use of the present tense in narrative? . or even an entire book-not a few paragraphs.) Does the present tense in a .

In other words, change the form of each main verb from the past tense to the future (in most cases, will plus the present form of the verb). When you're done, compare your new paragraph with the suggested revision on page two.

We use the simple present and the present progressive to express actions that take place in . or as a narrative form for stories that take place in the . Example .

Writing flashbacks badly can stunt the . If your narrative is in past tense, . where the rest of the story is a continuous present tense timeline. For example, .

Sometimes it is necessary to change tense. For example, . Now it reads more like a narrative . Then he shifts again to present tense in the final paragraph to .