Unemployment-Benefits Extension Passed by Senate Time

Senate Passes Unemployment Benefits Extension. By Maya Rhodan. April 7, 2014. The Senate approved a bill extending long-term unemployment benefits for five months. Six Republicans joined Senate Democrats in extending unemployment insurance with a vote of 59-38. The measure is expected to be dead on arrival 
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Unemployment Benefits Are Ending for 13 Million Americans

17 Dec 2013 That's because Congress failed to add an extension of those benefits into the budget deal that will likely pass the Senate this week. The long-term unemployment rate—the percentage of those without a job for 27 weeks or longer—remains at record levels, though, in an economy with three job applicants 
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Unemployment benefits for 13 million expire Dec 27, 2013

27 Dec 2013 The unemployment rate climbed to more than 10% at the height of the Great Recession in 2009, and the government extended the federal benefits for the long-term unemployed. However, thanks to a weak recovery, those benefits have been either extended or expanded 11 times, most recently on Jan. 2.
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Unemployment benefits for 13 million expire Saturday Here's why

23 Dec 2013 But if that effort fails, the nation's safety net for the unemployed will shrink significantly in 2014. So, here's our primer on what this When unemployment is particularly high, states can usually get some federal funding to provide an extra 13 or 20 weeks of "extended benefits." But starting in 2008, Congress 
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7 reasons why Congress's failure to extend unemployment

14 Jan 2014 The first would have extended unemployment benefits for 11 months and paid for it by extending the existing 2 percent cuts to Medicare health providers another year, If you've been out of work for 27 weeks or longer, then you currently have just a 12 percent chance of finding a new job in a given month.
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Unemployment Insurance Extensions and Reforms in the American

Congress passed an unemployment insurance extension in September 1982 that can be viewed as a response to.. Jan-03. Jan-05. Jan-07. Jan-09. Jan-11. Percent. Source: CEA calculations, Bureau of Labor Statistics. < 5 weeks. 5-14 weeks. 15-26 weeks. 27-52 weeks. 53+ weeks.. Today, a smaller percentage of the.
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The economic benefits of extending unemployment insurance

6 Dec 2013 2014. Allowing UI to expire would be damaging to the macro-economy and the labor force: • Failing to extend UI benefits would put a dent in. Today, as of October 2013, the unemployment rate is 7.3 percent, the long-term The most recent renewal of the EUC legislation was signed in January 2013.
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The Effects of Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits

3 Jul 2014 The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program took effect after passage of the Unemployment Extension Act on November 21, 2008, in the wake of the surging U.S. unemployment As of January 2014, they can receive 26 weeks of regular and 20 weeks of extended benefits (46 weeks).
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Federal Unemployment Extension, Filing, News & Tiers Update

File the Federal Unemployment Extension for 2016. Information on the new & latest news for the unemployed. Full tiers structure & facts to consider.
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Unemployment Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

11 May 2017 Determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits, and learn how to file your claim with the government. calendar quarters before your claim is filed in most states. For example, if you file a claim in April 2015, the base period used to calculate eligibility would be January 2014 through December 2014.
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Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Expired on

Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Expired on January 1, 2014. Most recently, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-240) extended the expiration date of the EUC program to January 1, 2014. To date, Congress has not passed any further extensions. Click here for general information about 
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Extend unemployment benefits: Our view USA Today

Extend unemployment benefits: Our view. The Editorial Board, USATODAY Published 6:13 p.m. ET Jan. 5, 2014 Senate is scheduled to vote Monday. There are still three job seekers The worst problem is that long-term unemployment — defined as being out of work for 27 weeks or more — is near a World War II peak.
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Unemployment Insurance News EDD State of California

Learn more about the eligibility and reporting requirements of the UI Program to avoid penalties as a claimant and additional costs as an employer. Benefit Cost · Today is Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day (January 27, 2012) · California's unemployment rate decreases to 11.1 percent (Updated January 20, 2012) 
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