Taking time before bed to truly relax can help you fall asleep quicker. Find 10 great ideas for adult bedtime routines which will help settle your mind.

My almost eight-year-old daughter has a very hard time falling asleep at night. Right now it is worse than ever as I am trying to get her out of the summer routine .

Sticking to a bedtime routine is one of the best ways to get your children to get into bed when the time comes. Keeping a bedtime routine chart will help you stick to .

Bedtime: How? Bedtime begins with a lovely routine that is a set of relaxing activities that are enjoyed by all parties involved. Bath, massage, songs, books, prayers .

Peaceful. Participatory. Predictable. These three P’s characterize an infant environment that builds self-confidence and a sense of security. Bedtime is one of the .

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Ahhhh bedtime. Peaceful. Quiet. The perfect time for parents to relax, recharge and reconnect with each other. After the kids have smiled their last sleepy smile you .

Learn the best way to set up a bedtime routine with struggling. Consistency and a plan work wonders with your child.

If you take medicines or supplements on a daily basis and you're also experiencing sleep problems, ask your doctor whether the time of day you take your dosage may be .

Yoga for sleep: Your pre-bedtime yoga routine. Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone – and it could be costing you more than just a restless night and sleepy .

6 things I learned from following Arianna Huffington's elaborate bedtime routine for a week